Antimatter: The missing link for crypto derivative products?

Most of us who are active in crypto must have encountered derivative products like futures and options in traditional stock market. Though devised as hedging tools, these are now one of the most traded products.

Extrapolate it to crypto market, with the volatility of crypto, options become too imperative. However, you will find hardly couple of projects like Opyn that offer users to create positions via options. Now, dig a bit deeper in their liquidity, you will find the below issues:

— Options are European style. That means you can exercise it only on the day of expiry

As these are not perpetual products, it adds more complexity for the users

— Because of the above complexities, the liquidity is pretty less. That means, opening a desired position is extremely difficult

Antimatter team tries to solve the above pain points there by creating perpetual cross chain option which will help mass adoption.

I am a firm believer in crypto and projects like this will help crypto move to the next stage of evolution. Of course they will start with only ETH perpetual option, but I have no doubt that other currencies will be added very soon.

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